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Winona Octopus

Winona Octopus

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Whimsical and mysterious, Winona the Octopus stuffed animal lives deep below the water’s surface. Textured materials with a fanciful tie dye pattern of teals and peachy pinks allow Winona to blend in amongst the colors of her coral reef home. Stretchy elastic in each of her eight legs gives them a playful curl that reveals their soft and fuzzy undersides. Winona features pale colored eyes detailed with the horizontal pupils of her species. Boasting a lifelike design, this appealing plush Octopus will delight and enchant. Follow Winona on an imaginative adventure beneath the sea and discover the wonders of our wild oceans!

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Dimensions 17 in

24 Months & Up


17" Long Stretched Out


(43 cm)



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