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Bunnies By The Bay


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Does a goat say "Baa" or "Maa"? Either way, BIlly Goat Stuffed Animal will you have you saying, "Yay!"

Billy Goat is 13" of scraggly blue and cream fur plush cuddliness. Super soft and friendly for the little ones with hand-embroidered features, and also chic enough for home decor.

You'll love Billy Goats goatee on this chin, made of cream fur, just made for pondering the meaning of life on the farm...Good Friends Farm that is. 

And this Billy goat is anything but gruff, he is the sweetest thing to come around since the sweet cream butter churned right there at the barn. 


  • 13” tall
  • Embroidered features
  • Safe for all ages
  • 100% polyester
  • This stuffed animal is surface clean only.

Billy Goat is sure to be a hit as a new farm friend for your little one, or room and kitchen decor for any fan of farm animals.

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