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Produce Grocery Basket

Produce Grocery Basket

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This is good food, fast! Start by building your big, juicy burger, piling it high with lettuce, cheese and tomato. Add two crispy chicken tenders and a side of golden, thick-cut fries. Mm-mmm! There's plenty of ketchup and hot sauce if you need it. Once you've taken a big bite, wash it down with a cool drink. Ahhh...

Why You'll Love It
: Independent, pretend play is crucial for young learners, and what better instruction tool than favorite foods? Creating new burger combinations and distributing fries and tenders into their boxes refine fine motor skills while also teaching counting and matching. Bet you didn't know this food was delicious and educational!


What's in the Box?
The full set includes two buns, lettuce, cheese, tomato, a burger patty, fries, tenders, hot sauce, ketchup, cola with a straw, and a big tray to carry it all!

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