SB Silly Sentences
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SB Silly Sentences

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These Silly Sentences Match and Learn early learning puzzles encourage fun & laughter while teaching grammar.

Where did the dinosaur play the guitar - was it in a boat, in a skyscraper or in a rocket? You decide the answer in this hilarious collection of silly sentences. With hundreds of different options, you can have great fun making up your own sentences.


The cards have been cleverly cut into three sections which only fit together if the sentence structure is correct. Constructing sentences is an important skill and a vital foundation for literacy development.


This set provides the enjoyable introduction to parts of speech and grammar for 4 to 7 year old children. It contains 20 sentence puzzles that are educational and fun. Each puzzle is made of a noun, a verb and a locational or adverbial phrase - and with hundreds of possible combinations, these silly sentences will inspire children's imagination for hours.

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